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What is Web Reputation?

A person or a company’s reputation is the perception deriving from the public information about them.

Why do we talk about Online Reputation?

While in the past reputation was an intangible concept mainly relying on collective memory, it is now a tangible calling card for companies, managers, institutions, individuals and public figures.  It is tangible because everything is written down and easily accessible by anyone. This is a conceptual revolution generated by a strong acceleration in the spread of the Internet, which has today reached a critical mass such as to stand out as one of the reference media.

Therefore, dealing with the online “perception” of users has become essential in order to understand the state of one’s reputation.

Analysing Web Reputation means to know perfectly the dynamics related to the production and dissemination of online content and to have the scientific and technological skills to derive strategic data from it.

Web Identity and Ingegneria Reputazionale®

The consolidation of web presence and the enhancement of online reputation are the objectives to be achieved when building a digital identity.

In order to achieve these goals, it is not enough to simply “appear on the Internet”. It is necessary to create a specific and in-depth communication and interaction strategy with one’s target, which should take into account several aspects related to the brand or the person. In this regard, it is essential to intervene with a strategic plan that includes:

  • Reputational Analysis
  • Creation of Digital Identity
  • Ingegneria Reputazionale® and Reputation Management

Reputation Manager supports its clients in the construction of their reputation throughout the reputational cycle: from the analysis to the intervention, up to the monitoring of the results achieved.

Online Reputation Tracking

Why is it so important to know what people say about your brand online?

A consumer who uses the web to search for information about a certain product might communicate with another consumer who has already had experience with the same product and has talked about it. Their exchange of views is available to millions of users, some of whom may choose to participate and bring the discussion to other channels.

The set of opinions, emotions, experiences and values expressed informs everyone about the reputation of that product. The detection, analysis and interpretation of online conversations is a crucial activity for the protection of the visibility, the reputation and the credibility of the parties involved: people, companies, brands, services and products.

Online Corporate Reputation

Monitoring, defending and enhancing the image of companies means generating future income, based on the public’s trust in the company and the positive emotions associated with its products and services.

For individuals and public figures, taking care of their online reputation means creating a conscious relationship between their identity and the web, in order to:

  • Monitor the content associated with their name
  • Promote their professional image to create a network of contacts relevant to their business and build career opportunities
  • Protect and control their privacy, security and credibility

The context in which online reputation is created

Currently, the world population on the Internet counts 4 billion people, with a penetration rate of 53%. The active social media users are 3.2 billion worldwide, with a penetration rate of 42%. The online population has been growing in Italy and it has reached 43.3 million at the beginning of 2018.

Interaction on Social Networks

Facebook: 2.2 billion subscribers worldwide and 30 million monthly active users, only in Italy.

  • Youtube: 1.5 billion active users each month.
  • WhatsApp: 1.5 billion registered and active users.
  • Instagram: 800 million subscribers.
  • Twitter: 330 million active users.
  • LinkedIn: 500 million members worldwide and 10 million members in Italy.

Reputation Manager’s Services
The complexity of the web makes it necessary to use a suite of specialised services, supported by advanced technical and consulting skills dedicated to the analysis and management of online reputation and all the aspects related to it.

Awareness of issues, consultancy and consolidated methodology are key in Reputation Manager’s services.